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Bergamot - Harmonizing and Building Worth

My love for Bergamot started with Earl Grey tea, at a time when I didn't even know that it was flavored with it. I remember when I put two and two together, after I started working with essential oils, it made me laugh to know that my intuition and preferences were already guiding me, outside of my conscious awareness.

Bergamot is a great ally to harmonize our mood and help us opt out of the extremes swinging back and forth, from excitement to fear to motivation to nervousness etc. It brings us back to center, to a place of calm, cool and collected perspective. It reminds us that we are enough, that our worth does not depend on whether we succeed or not, and so it takes the pressure out of a lot of situations, because then all we need to do is go with our gut and do our best.

It's part of the magical power of citrus in general: they uplifting, get us out of the drama and help us get out of indecisiveness and into action.

Another common property of citrus is their cleansing action. What Bergamot does beautifully in that realm is that it helps release the limiting beliefs we have about about ourselves, often beliefs of “not enough” (not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, whatever it is). It brings us instead to a balanced place, where we are exactly, perfectly enough, just as we are, which reinforces its action on our sense of worthiness. It invites us to see ourselves with kindness and optimism. Through dissolving limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, our ego identity, Bergamot helps build trust that we can make the changes that need to happen, then once that is established, it supports us to move and actually do the things.

Would you like to learn more about Aromatherapy for emotional balance ? I have a self paced course available to you.


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