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Geranium - Self Mothering

Flower oils usually invite us to soften, to relax, to surrender into what is, remember rather than force our way into an outcome, or refuse to compromise.

Geranium is a superhero for the heart energy. It has a special place in my life because of the emotional work it's supported me to do, and if I could only keep one oil, it would be Geranium (I know it's a pretty bold statement, but I stand by it !)

Geranium is a deeply nourishing, balancing and calming oil. It promotes emotional security and brings support when we feel lost, disappointed, guilty, when we’re grieving the loss of something or someone, even the loss of hope.

With its sweet, floral scent, it reconnects us to our emotions and feelings, it encourages us to get out of our head and to reach out for help and for support from others. It tells us we don’t have to be alone, when our tendency is to withdraw and to get in our shell. It acts like a mother figure, who would put a gentle loving hand on our shoulder and would accompany us through our pain and sorrow, without judgement.

It is particularly beneficial to support people who deal with chronic and acute anxious feelings as it is supportive and nurturing to the nervous system, and helps us find pleasure and joy again.

I like to just smell Geranium, it immediately puts a smile on my face and softens my whole physical and energetic body. Another nice way to use it is to apply it (diluted with a carrier oil or lotion) right on the chest, so that it is close to the heart and can work its magic right there.

Geranium has a plethora of other benefits, but its invitation to nurture and mother ourselves in a loving, unconditional way is what I find the most appealing right now.


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