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Lavender - The BFF

Lavender is an oil we tend to forget or push aside because it’s not fancy enough. It’s also a scent we know mostly through synthetic fragrances or oils that are very poor quality. And yet, an excellent quality Lavender oil is amazing to promote physical and mental relaxation, ease nervous tension, and support restful sleep.

To soften and nurture heart chakra energy, Lavender is a beautiful oil to use.

The magic of Lavender lies in its ability to meet us where we are, and to support homeostasis in the body and mind. It is often referred to as an adaptogen, i.e. a plant ally that will work with what we need, either energize and bring the spirit up, or calm, soothe, and ground.

Lavender is also the oil of choice of fiery, inflamed conditions that come from a nervous, restless, fearful emotional heart, which the oil soothes and calms. When I smell Lavender, I immediately have the message coming to my mind that “It is okay, I am okay”.

Peter Holmes mentions that it is useful “for people who get repeatedly stuck in unproductive emotional postures,” and Gabriel Mojay calls it a "Rescue Remedy." Florals, in general, invite us to soften, to relax, to surrender into what is, remember rather than force our way into an outcome, or refuse to compromise. Lavender is no exception: it asks to be our best friend, and helps calm any emotions that are trying to overwhelm the mind.


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