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You & Me

The truest version of yourself is already within you, it is not restricted by limiting beliefs, fear, self doubt or judgment.

She is unapologetic about her needs, loves freely and abundantly, and is firmly established in her Self. Her thoughts, words and actions are aligned, and she navigates life with vulnerability and courage, evolving and learning thanks to the obstacles and challenges she encounters.

I know this may feel far from your current reality, and I also know this is the life you deserve.


Health, Ease & Joy are your birthright.


You are your own healer and teacher, there is no one in this world that knows better than you what you need, even if you feel that you’re not even sure anymore. A lot of us have gotten lost along the way, bombarded with messages from society, from loved ones, sometimes from ourselves, about what is acceptable or not in our personal lives. Or maybe you know exactly who you are called to be, but don’t know how to get there.


Confusion and suffering emerge from our disconnection from intuition, what our body and soul knows to be the right fit for us. 

The journey is to reconnect to our inner knowing, our inner guidance, our inner healer.


It takes a village to be free and well. I’m offering to be your guide along the way, to help you identify your personal challenges and share with you practical, actionable tools to move forward in the next phase of who you are. I will pull support from a variety of modalities (yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, etc) with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as the foundation.


Together, we will create a compassionate, supportive container based on trust and authenticity where you can explore what it means to be fully YOU and create the life you deserve, a life filled with ease, abundance and joy.

Let's talk about your health and vision for your life.

Book a complimentary Wellness Call with me

Emilie Berger

I work with women who are:


  • longing to connect to their most authentic, whole-hearted Self


  • wanting deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing


  • navigating life changes and transitions

  • serious about wanting support

These programs include:

  • Zoom calls 2x/ month

  • individualized protocols including food and herbal recommendations, self care practices

  • individualized yoga, pranayama, meditation content library

  • unlimited access to me

  • physical, emotional, spiritual support and guidance

  • self care packages mailed to you


This is my deepest, most supportive, and most intensive container towards radical self love, health and exploring the longing of your soul.

Be ready for a life changing experience. 

$ 8,000 paid in full/ $ 9,500 with payment plan

This program is most supportive for people who have been dealing with chronic health issues (mental and physical) and are ready to explore a different paradigm of self care and self love.

Health is your birthright, you deserve to thrive.

$ 4,000 paid in full/ $ 5,000 with payment plan

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