Intuitive Aromatherapy for Emotional Wellness


Seeds help with physical, mental, and emotional digestion. They hold potential and beginnings, and are also the container of the full plant to come.

Physiological: Seeds oils that are spices can be very helpful for digestive issues, especially when used topically on the belly.

Psychological: Seed oils are great to use when starting new projects, when wanting to initiative transitions and change. They are also a great support during the New Moon and New Moon rituals and intentions.

Examples of seed oils: cardamom, fennel, caraway, coriander, anise seed, celery seed, dill seed, carrot seed, pepper, nutmeg, clove.

Please note that each oil will have different energetics and do your research (or contact me!): some are cooling, some are heating, some are milder than others etc.


Woods and Roots

Roots and Woods are grounding and provide stability. Woods conduct energy upward, and keep the plant steady. Roots are often harvested late in the fall, when energy moves inward and back to the Earth, and are extremely potent.

Physiological: Woods and roots are soothing for the nervous system, and some of them also have cleansing properties.

Psychological: Woods and roots are very grounding and are there to support us in times of transition, when we feel scared and unsure. They literally provide ground under our feet and unwavering strength. They remind us of our inner strength and give us stability as we navigate difficulties.

Examples of wood and root oils: cedarwood, sandalwood (source ethically as this one is being overharvested), palo santo, guaiacwood, vetiver, angelica root.



Resins are secreted when the tree is injured or scarred, and help heal the wound on the bark. Frankincense and Myrrh are also historically and culturally associated to spirituality and religious rituals, and a connection to the Divine.

Physiological: Resin oils are usually soothing and beneficial for the skin and so great to use with skin care products and topically.

Psychological: Emotionally, they help us tend and heal old, deep wounds. They are best used in small quantities over a longer period of time (healing trauma doesn't happen overnight...) with commitment, intention and ritual.

Examples of resin oils: frankincense, myrrh, copaiba, elemi, benzoin.