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Vetiver - Exploring the Root Cause

Vetiver is a grass that is planted to control soil erosion on hillsides and to stabilize unstable ground thanks to its deep sinking root tendrils.

Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of the plants, and helps guide us to the root of our emotional disturbances. It is a very powerful oil when we need to get to the bottom, the source, the reason why we are not feeling well, or it is hard to move forward, or why we’re stuck in a situation. Vetiver helps stabilize and center us, like it would do with the soil, and from there, it helps raise awareness about the roots of an issue.

It has a deep, grassy smell, which is grounding, calming and promotes emotional security. It is the oil of self awareness and vulnerability, which is all about our right to Be, simply, deeply who we are.

Vetiver is a really potent oil to use for self awareness. It helps us find relief by going into the issue, by descending into our soul and challenging our patterns of avoidance or escape. Vetiver helps us figure out the root cause of our discomfort but it won’t help resolve those issues, it’s a different kind of work that needs to happen, one that is about digesting, processing and integrating. A seed oil might be more supportive for that kind of work ;)


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