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Embracing Seasonality

I can't lie to you, friends: we're moving toward shorter and shorter days, and pretty soon it's going to be dark at 4pm (looking at you with envy, Southern Hemisphere !). You're presented with two choices:

  • Be miserable and complain about how cold and dark it is for the next 3 months, complain to everybody around you, and miss the whole of winter while you wait for spring. OR....

  • Accept that there is beauty in every season and pledge to work with the natural cycles of the earth.

Made your decision ? Good ! Let's move on with a few tips to spend a fabulous fall and gently transition into winter.

  • Spend time outdoors. Put on a warm coat, hat and scarf and go take a walk around the block during your lunch break, or after work.

  • Transform your home into the coziest place ever. Buy a few candles, electric garlands and soften the lights in the evening. Make your home a place you will look forward to spending the evening in.

  • Adjust your activities to the season! There is a reason everything slows down in nature when fall and winter hit: it is a time to rest and restore, turn inward and take good care of ourselves after the frenetic rhythm of the summer season.


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