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New Moon Practices and Intention Setting

I love the New Moon.

I love its opportunity for a new beginning and trying again. I love the softness of its darkness. I love its gentle, hidden energy. I love that it's an opportunity to pause, check in, assess, change course, recommit and keep going.

I love the New Moon !

Every month for a bit now I've been offering free classes on Insight Timer, and posting the replay on Youtube. I love to gather with folks and be in that energy together. It's usually a short and gentle asana practice (it's not really the goal) preceded by intention setting and connecting with the energy of this specific moon, and followed by breathwork, meditation and journaling prompts.

In case you have missed them, you can find them all on Youtube or on the website library, and here is below our latest practice for yesterday's New Moon. Be well friends,


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