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Let's make this Winter the most wholesome yet

Whether you associate Winter with blue mood and low energy or embrace the introspective nature of the season, this is your opportunity to bring rejuvenation, repair and deep care into your daily life. This season is the perfect setting to start the year prioritizing your health, your wellbeing and your needs.

This is the opposite of a "new year/ new you" type of container. This is an opportunity to surrender and soften into who you are, and receive support and guidance on how to meet your health needs, day by day, through small but impactful steps.

It all starts with the desire to be intentional, caring, loving towards yourself and facilitate Healing, Rest and Joy.


Think of this program as a really rich, nourishing and decadent moisturizer for the soul and spirit !

This is a very special offer, one that will only run in January and February, one that is different from what I normally offer and was born out of the desires and needs of my clients:


wanting to find ways to PAUSE and REST

needing practices and routines that are DEEPLY SUPPORTIVE

this is for YOU

What is it ?

An exclusive container to experience how Ayurveda can support you and to explore lavish self care, delicious plant based food, and seasonal herbal remedies. It's also a great way to work with me as a first dive, if you are considering a longer program. 

You are worthy

You deserve


What are the details ?

This offer is to be used within 2 months and includes:

- 3 x 60 mn private sessions with me 

We'll talk about your health & wellness priorities. I'll share Ayurvedic information that is relevant to your state of balance/ imbalance and all the practical, accessible tools that you can use to experience rejuvenation and care this Winter. We'll collaborate to make sure that what I offer is exactly what will serve you and fits with your lifestyle.
During these sessions, you will feel seen, heard and supported. 

- 3 x after session follow ups

A few days after our session, you will receive via email an exclusive pdf summarizing what we discussed and your priorities and focus until the next session. It will also include a variety of tools to use right away for integration. This is quite tailored to your needs and will vary person to person, but might include a specific pranayama/ meditation practice, a collection of seasonal recipes, supportive yoga designed just for you, a ritual recommendation etc.

- 2 x customized care packages curated for you (worth $80-100) and sent directly to your home

After our 1st and last sessions, I will prepare and order an elegant variety of products that will be nourishing for you. The actual content will depend on your needs, but it can range from small batch Ayurvedic products, to organic speciality herbs or aromatherapy, inspiring and elevating books, deluxe home or personal goods, etc.


Ready to dive into nourishing Winter care ?


Can I buy this now and use it later?

No, this is a limited time, Winter offer only.

When and where do the sessions take place?

Sessions take place on Zoom. I'll be in touch shortly after you sign up to book our first session on a day and time that is convenient.

Can I sign up and change my mind after one session?

You can. I would however recommend that you only sign up if you are serious and committed, as I value and respect your time and finances as well as mine. If we realize after one session that we are not a good fit, we'll discuss what the best way forward is and come to an agreement.

Do you take into consideration specific personal restrictions and choices, in diet and allergies for example?


What if I don't live in the US?

My clients live all over the world. If you live outside the US, your care package will probably be ordered and shipped from your country of origin for easier, more reliable and faster delivery.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I offer weekly, bimonthly and monthly payment plans, as well as Paypal credit.

I have another question or need more details, how can I reach you?

You can email me at or better yet, schedule a free Zoom call with me here.

What is the cost ?

Winter Re-Treat is $300 a month, and lasts 2 months (ie, $600 total).

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