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Starts Summer 2023

Who is this program for ?


  • healers, care takers and change makers


  • professionals of the wellness industry

  • medical professionals

  • teachers & educators

  • activists

Prioritizing your personal well being, balance and joy is the key to making the impact you want and are meant to have in this Life.

Whether you think you're doing well enough or feel like you're about to drown, there is always a next level of wellness available to you, right at your fingertips.

I am unapologetic about wanting more and experiencing satisfaction, and that is the standard I hold for you and all of us. It doesn't not come from a place of perfectionism or pressure, quite the contrary:

it comes from a place of deep knowing of our individual and collective worth, and what we deserve to receive


More importantly, it comes from knowing that when we thrive on a personal level, we show up in a whole different way and serve our communities on a completely different level.

Every day, feeling

Grounded & Energized

Inspired & Excited

Present & Devoted





In this container, you will:

- create an understanding of what it means to put yourself first, on an emotional and practical level

- uplevel your personal life to new standards of connection, closeness and intimacy

- feel inspired and expand your professional satisfaction and results

- benefit from the dynamics of a group and receive individualized support

Would you like to know more ? Let's talk !

Receiving before you give

Filling your own cup, so you have plenty to share

Prioritizing yourself, so you can SERVE
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