These 3 blends come in a sweet muslin bag so you can always have them around to support you throughout the day. They make a lovely gift too ;)



Vata: This blend is grounding and helpful when you need to curb anxious feelings and worry. It will help you settle a busy mind and feel rooted in your own steadiness.

- Cedarwood is the oil of unwavering strength.

- Patchouli is great for people who think a lot, maybe too much, and are in their heads more than in their bodies.

- Petitgrain is helfup when anxious feelings come up and helps settle a worried mind.


Pitta: This blend is pacifying and helpful for rising feelings of anger, irritability and frustration. The oils it includes will help bring the fire down and regulate your mood.

- Bergamot is wonderful to regulate mood swings.

- Ylang ylang helps us soften the energetic Heart and move away from judgement.

- Roman Chamomile is the gentlest of oils and eases tensions brought up by the ego.


Kapha: This blend is energizing and will help alleviate feelings of lethargy and sadness. It will support you when you need a little boost of energy, motivation and positivity

- Sweet Orange promotes optimism and joy and disperses irritability.

- Lemon is great for negative thinking and helps us get out of a rut.

- Eucalyptus is very supportive to resolve emotional conflicts, and helps us take deeper breaths, thus encouraging action.

Ayurvedic Trio

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For topical use only. Apply to desired areas as needed. 

Do a patch test first to ensure.

Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor's care, consult prior to use.