Dealing with Fear and Doubt

I was going through some of the content of my previous (let’s just say OLD, a lifetime ago, it was 2019 !) newsletter and came upon this one today. It stopped me right in my tracks, to read my own words and see how they still resonate with me today. The fact that I am facing the same reflections could feel like a failure, but it really doesn’t. I‘m actually proud to see that I have committed to this path of healing old, deep wounds and trauma, this work doesn’t happen overnight, and I see how much growth has happened between then and now, despite the fact that I still ponder the same questions.

So here it is for you to explore. I would love to read your personal reflections in the comments.

July 2019

This month I am throwing myself into the last stretch of a few projects dear to my heart (…)

Each step of the way, I have felt doubt and fear creeping in (...).

I have been left to wonder several times in the process: what if the biggest obstacle I will ever have to encounter is my own self? my own mind?

It takes tremendous effort to work with your own fears and self doubt in a spirit of kindness and compassion, but we must keep going and be relentless in our efforts to meet what we think we are called to do. The time we live in calls for greatness through small, individual acts and projects.

So I'm asking you:

What are you dying to do that you haven't dared yet, because of fear or doubt ?

It doesn't have to be big.

Or maybe it does.

Is it really inaccessible or would you just need to get out of your own way to try it ?