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Learn how to use Essential Oils and which oils to use for what you need to feel AWESOME !

In this course, you will gain a personal knowledge of essential oils. You will learn to develop an intuitive approach to those scents, so that you are empowered to use them efficiently in your daily life and support your emotional well being.

Whether you would like to feel more energized, grounded or sleep better, there are easy and accessible ways to figure out which oil to use and what is the best method of use.

This course will be useful for people who know nothing about Ayurveda and people who already know some basics, whether you are familiar with yoga or not.

You will learn about the Five Elements Theory of Ayurveda and how it applies to daily life, practices and diet in order to find or come back to a state of health and balance. 


You will also have the opportunity to experience Ayurveda through the lens of yoga in the 3 balancing practices I have designed especially for this course.

Rest, Reset and Restore with these seasonal sequences.
As we move from one pose to the next, we explore our connection to Soul and Spirit

Our daily lives bring a lot of strain to the upper back and neck, rounding forward and looking down.

With these three classes, you will learn how to build strength in these areas that are often weak and overstretched, as well as create space in tight parts like the chest and front of the shoulders.

Balance your digestion and your mood with these simple seasonal recipes that follow the principles of Ayurveda.

Need some movement and a good stretch in the afternoon or evening ?

These classes are the perfect mix of flowy vinyasa yoga to let the day go and some ground poses to stretch. You'll feel re-energized and relaxed to enjoy your evening. I don't want to brag, but I think these are even better than a glass of wine...

Playlists are provided if you enjoy playing music during your practice.

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